These are questions I get asked all the time. This will shed some light on the mystery that is me.

What is your favorite movie?

Hands down, Lawrence of Arabia.

What is your favorite band?

Toss up between The Doors and Faith No More.

Any other favorite stuff?

Coffee. Strong and black. Oh yeah…

Why do you have goofy stuff hidden all over your website?

It’s funny.

What do you look like now, but for real?

Stephen Baldwin. Or Val Kilmer in The Saint.

What does In Utero mean on your Résumé ?

It’s the third studio album of Nirvana.

How much are your paintings?

Terribly huge amounts of money. You should probably buy one.

Are you really famous?


How famous?

Really famous.

Can I have your autograph?

I’ll email it to you.

Are you ever serious?


How frequently are people asking these questions?

You saw the title of the page. Frequently.

Who is Greek?

Sorry. You have to pay for the book and movie deal for that one.

Who is Greek?

I thought I just answered this.

Do you have an alias?

Who’s that?

Wait, if these are asked so frequently, why’d you hide the page?

For someone who had the time to look for secret shit on my website, you ask a lot of questions.

What genre do you consider your art? Avant-garde, Expressionism?

Oh, god…oh, you’re seriously asking? Ahem, well, yes. My main focus is Impressionism with later hints of my commercial Illustration, which I dub Advanced Owenism, and of course, the modern Anode-Genesis Theorem of Pat-Killem The 3rd and his genre of Advance Artistic Schooling from late Japan Neo-Fatherism Art. I would consider this Avant-Garde of sorts when you look at the motivations and influences of the French and American Impositionists and their Fact-Rebuke-Abstracts from the Second Wave of Revolutionary Painterly Brush Movers. Toss in a shit and fuck and you have my genre.