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Owen York is from Round Lake Beach, a Chicagoland, IL suburb.

As a child, he would paint, draw and write stories. He won Young Author Awards and was in gifted programs. He played the piano and three types of saxophone. In elementary school he was introduced to the French Impressionists, which would heavily influence his work.

At age 11, he came up with the character called “Greek” (the green alien profile portrayed in his art studio logo). Around Greek was created many stories, characters, planets and an entire universe which he continues to create to this day. Naturally, Greek became the logo for his art studio, and the sci-fi themed subject matter continues to this day in his painting.

In his teens, he continued his art and writing endeavors, particularly focusing on painting, poetry, essays and literature. Here his art was additionally influenced by rock music, science-fiction, film, video games and comic books.

He received his degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. This school was chosen for its access to professional working techniques, media and many well-known alumni. Though he received a degree in Illustration, this was not pursued. However, the academic experience did very much influence his work.

In his twenties, being interested in film, he started acting as a launchpad. He earned a respectable résumé of indie film, TV, radio and commercial work. He continued as an artist in these years, refining his style and body of work.

After traversing many of The Arts, in 2008, he decided to focus strictly on painting. In his modern work can be seen the additional influences of American culture, politics, government, patriotism, firearms, science fiction and post-apocalyptic themes. He works primarily in mixed-media and considers himself a Modern Impressionist.

In addition to his art studio, in 2009 he became interested in firearms and developed a growing firearms industry business. He founded the Gun Industry Marketplace, a marketing and advertising company, which he continues to run to this day.

He is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment, the U.S. Constitution and Human Rights. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his lovely wife and three beautiful children.


  • 2012: Artlightenment Art & Film Festival, Nashville, TN
  • 2010: Humans, Studio Fyra Arstider, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2009: Positively Artful Gallery, Tampa, FL

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  • 2012: Best of Show “David Bowie Monster”, Artlightenment Art & Film Festival
  • 2009: Interview, Arts & Opinion Magazine


1998: AS Degree, American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL