To promote unity, truth and understanding using aesthetics, through my art and as an artist.


I don’t feel the need to wear a personality to be an artist, or to fit into what others think an artist is or should be. I let my work speak for itself.

A purpose of mine is to lead and assist The Arts, especially where it has been ruined, damaged, or falsified.

I had a realization — some of the longest surviving pieces of the past are writings and paintings. Physical art. Physical language. Physical communication. Some tens of thousands of years old. This is one reason I decided to focus solely on Fine Art instead of past endeavors. If a painting can survive thousands of years and be valued in millions of dollars, then there must be some magical value in it. Some undefinable quantity…

Nothing brings together mankind like The Arts– a great film, a song, a painting. Now is a time of division. Isn’t it worthwhile to assist and protect the Great Unifier?


Owen York was born on June, 1978 in Libertyville, IL. He was raised in Round Lake Beach, IL — a suburb of Chicago. He has lived mainly between Chicago, IL, Tampa Bay, FL, and Nashville, TN.

As a child, he would paint, draw and write stories. He won Young Author Awards and was in gifted programs for years. He played the piano, as well as the alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. It was in 2nd Grade he decided what to do with his life. In his later Elementary School ages he was introduced to the French Impressionists, which would heavily influence his work from his teens and on. Claude Monet was a favorite, having seen a Monet exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In his teens, he continued his art and writing endeavors, particularly focusing on Fine Art, poetry, essays and Literature. Here his art was additionally influenced by Rock music, science-fiction, film and comic books.

He continued his education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. This school was chosen for the access to professional working techniques and media, and its many well-known alumni. It is here he honed his craft as a figure and portrait artist, which led to his renown as a portrait artist and many commissioned works. Though degreed in Illustration, after graduating he quickly switched gears back to his Fine Art, as freelance digital design and illustration was not his original goal as an artist.

In his 20’s, being interested in writing and directing in film (as one of his favorite filmmakers, Akira Kurosawa, had done — an artist turned filmmaker), he started acting as a launchpad. He earned a respectable resume of indie film, TV, radio and commercial work. He continued as an artist in these years, refining his style and his body of sold works & commissions.

Finally in 2008, he decided to focus strictly on his Fine Art, having traversed many of The Arts. He credits his current work and style to many of the experiences and influences of these times, environments and industries. Preferring water-based media, Owen York chiefly works in watercolors and acrylics, with occasional mixed media. He resides with his wife and two children in Nashville, TN.