Owen York in ‘Speaking With Giants’

Interviews from Ammoland

Some of the interviews included in the book are with TV stars, gun rights activists, and Senators. Each interview gives the readers an insight into the mind and thinking of the subject. Crump believes by learning about others through asking questions it helps you grow as a person as well as better understanding others.

“I love talking to people and getting their take on Second Amendment, other issues, and just life in general” Crump said. “It allows me to see their point of view on different topics. Sometimes it causes me to question my own opinions. Sometimes it strengthens it. We all are shaped by our experiences in life, and I think it is important that we are allowed to share those events with others around us. I hope that is what this book will do for the readers.”

“Guns are not the only thing I am into when it comes to things I collect. I am also into art. One of my favorite living artists is Owen York.”