Bob Marley

“Bob Marley” is an 8×10″ original work of art done in India Ink on board. Completed in 1998, it is one of the oldest original works featured on the site. It is one of the earliest works which led up to my current style, and is why it is featured here.

This was done using an illustration “wash-off” technique using only India Ink and a professional artist’s whiteout. Following the completion of the line drawing, you would use the artist whiteout to block in your lights. You would water it down for mid-tones, very thick for highlights. Once dried, you would cover the entire image in India Ink. As the image dried, the ink would crack and become brittle where it was over the whiteout. Next, you would literally put the entire art in the shower and “wash off” the loose India Ink, and this was the final image. This is a very fun, and somewhat unpredictable technique. I used to refer to it as “controlled randomness”.

“Bob Marley” is a great, if obvious example of the early interest of contrast in my art.

Bob Marley Art(Click for detailed image)