David Bowie Monster

Exhibition: Artlightenment Art & Film Festival
Awards: A Best of Show
Press: Talk of the Town, Channel 5 News
Press: Film Nashville

“David Bowie Monster” is a 15×22″ mixed media original work of art on 300 lb watercolor paper. It features David Bowie fading from his days as the red-haired Ziggy Stardust in the 1970’s through the 1980’s era of his platinum blonde.

There are a few artists who are so good, they are almost alien to this world. I can only think of a handful of them, maybe two — ever. These handfuls of beings were not of this planet. While most fake it, I think Bowie was the real deal. An elite alien of artists. This is a tribute. This was completed before his death.

David Bowie Monster(Click for detailed image)