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Press: Liberty Watch Radio
Press: Insurgency Knitting Circle

“Hashtag” is a mixed media original work of art. It is 16×20″ on canvas. “Hashtag” was completed in mid-January 2020 and announced immediately following the 2020 State of the Union.

“I want everyone to take something different away from the piece. I want it to talk to them, and I want them to talk to it. For a seemingly simple piece, I think what people will take away from it will be far from simple.

I’m a fan of the genre I would call ‘Portraits of American Life’. I love to see past and present subject matter of this genre in art, film and writing. This painting is intended as part of the genre. You could say this painting’s subject matter defines modern times.”

“Hashtag” has the feel of the 1980’s and features a Heckler & Koch HK45 handgun surrounded by a vibrant power suit & tie — a trait of our current President.