Mike Patton

Exhibition: Artlightenment Art & Film Festival

“Mike Patton” is an 13×13″ original work of art done in mixed media on ceramic. Another experiment, this time using ceramics. One of a few ceramics of that period, and the only surviving one.

Experimental and Alternative Rock & Metal were big influences. I had a love for old rock art posters and old album covers which I thought would be a more of less dead art form with the advent of digital music downloads. Possibly this will change with the recent resurgence of vinyl record popularity.

“Mike Patton” was, and still is a favorite musician of mine. He is a leader in experimental and alternative rock, metal, film soundtracks and hip-hop. This piece may have been the first where I started to incorporate line heavily into my work.

Mike Patton Art -- Owen York Art(Click for detailed image)