New Waver

New Waver -- Owen York Art(Click for detailed image)

Exhibition: “Humans”, Studio Fyra Arstider.
Exhibition: Artlightenment Art & Film Festival.

“New Waver” was created in 2010. It is a mixed media piece on 11×14″ canvas. This is one in a string of paintings of mixed impressionism, illustration and minimalism that I was doing that year, in this case using a more monochromatic palette. “New Waver” is moody and “comicy”.

The title is inspired from a video game of my youth, but also a throwback to the definition of the term itself. “New Waver” is another of my “take a life of its own” paintings from 2010. This ended up miles from where I had begun in my mind. In fact, I almost didn’t like it even when nearing completion. I completed the painting and withdrew.

When I listen to music, I prefer to buy the entire album of the artist — rather than just a hit song — as I want to get the entire communication or theme of the entire album. Some of my favorite albums ever are not necessarily ones that struck me immediately. They grew on me over time. I love that.

“New Waver” has grown on me over time. As the artist, I find this funny. I made the painting. This was not something I was expecting. I love the character in “New Waver”. I have grown to appreciate this piece so much that at the time of this writing I am nearing the completion of “New Waver 2”, a follow up to this piece.