The Resting Man

“The Resting Man” is an 10×20″ original work of art done in mixed media on board. It is one of the oldest original works featured on the site. It is another of my early works that led to my current style, and is why it is featured here.

This was done using an illustration “wash-off” technique (see “Bob Marley” for details), with acrylics layered in to drive the focal point home. Again, you can clearly see the early interest in contrast, not only in black & white, but also color.

“The Resting Man” received an Honorable Mention at a Northern Indiana Art Association Art Contest for the reason that the judge could see it was done in inks & acrylics, but did not know how I did it. Best of Show went to a paper mâché collie.

“The Resting Man” was donated to a fundraiser, and was the highest bid item in the entire auction.

The Resting Man -- Owen York Art(Click for detailed image)