I made a real working replica of ‘A Light Shining in Darkness’ from ‘Fallout New Vegas’ (a billion dollar video game franchise)

A Light Shining in DarknessTime to do the full announcement.

Yes, I made a real working replica of A Light Shining in Darkness. It took me about 3 years to get it to this point. Of course, I took a little creative license, and am calling mine “The Light Shining in Darkness”, since it is not 100% exact, but it’s pretty close.

The main differences are the sights, magazine capacity, and some additional engraving. Instead of using the gutter sights, I went with a new tritium type of sight called a Bullseye sight. I thought it was futuristic looking, so mounting it on an old Colt-type 1911 seemed about right for the mix of future and past – Fallout style. The one in the game has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds and mine has 7. There’s some other minor differences. You get the idea, it’s not exact, but pretty close.

I got the idea during the covid shutdowns and I started the project in March of 2020. So this was my “Covid project”.

I contacted some of the best companies I knew for the actual parts of the gun, as I figured if I was going to do this, do it right. It’s top notch. But dude, I had no idea the effort this was going to take to get done. I thought I’d have a working version in 3 months! LOL! Nope. 3 years.

I’m a longtime Fallout fan and wanted to finally announce what this thing really is. This was my fave gun from New Vegas and thought you guys would think it’s cool. I think it’s badass.